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Russia: "Ukrainian missile" was what targeted the apartment building in Kyiv

Russia: “Ukrainian missile” was what targeted the apartment building in Kyiv

She said Russian Ministry of Defense In a statement, “The goal was Artyom Arms Factory as a military infrastructure,” according to Agence France-Presse.

The ministry stated that “the damage caused to a neighboring apartment building was caused by Ukrainian missile Anti-aircraft”.

Earlier, on Sunday, Russia announced that it had also struck 3 military training centers in northern Russia Ukraine To the west, one of them is close to the Polish border, days before a summit of NATO, which includes Warsaw as a member state..

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said that these strikes were carried out “with high-precision weapons of the Russian Air Force and Kalibr (cruise) missiles.“.

Among the targets is a military training center of the Ukrainian forces located in Starichi, in the Lviv region, about 30 km from the Polish border..

The other two targeted centers are located in Zhytomyr (center-west) and Chernihiv (north)..

Konashenkov did not reveal the place and time of the launch of these missiles, but Ukraine announced, on Saturday, that Russia carried out strikes that day from Belarus, on the northern border, and Moscow did not comment on this..

The spokesman pointed out that “several Ukrainian battalions lost their combat capabilities in full, and their plans to deploy them in the combat zones were thwarted.”“.

With these bombings, Russia once again confirms its ability to reach any point in the Ukrainian territory, although most of the operations are now taking place in the east and south of the country..

These Russian strikes coincide with the opening of the Group of Seven summit, on Sunday, in Germany. A NATO meeting is scheduled to begin on Tuesday in Spain.

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