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رائد فضاء روسي: 60% من سكان الأرض يستطيعون تحقيق رحلة فضائية

Russian cosmonaut: 60% of the Earth’s population can achieve space flight

The health of 60% of the population of our planet allows to achieve space flight after receiving a training course that takes a few months, this was announced by the Russian cosmonaut and hero of Russia, Alexander Alexandrov, in a press interview with the Russian “TASS” agency, where he talked about the future of sending non-professional cosmonauts to Earth orbit , as was the case with the participants in the filming project of the Russian cinematic film “Challenge”.

According to the “RT” website, he said: “I consider that 60% of the Earth’s population, aged between 20 and 50 years, may allow their health to participate in a space flight on a spacecraft after receiving a special training course.”

He added, “The capabilities of automatic control of the modern Soyuz-MS spacecraft and all space flight systems allow reducing the training course of non-professional astronauts to a few months.”

He explained, “One of the advantages of Russian space engineering is to ensure conditions for space flight in an unmanned vehicle before it turns into a manned vehicle led by humans, but non-professional cosmonauts cannot be sent into space without being trained to maintain their equipment and even on some simple elements to lead The vehicle, as the automatic devices cannot completely replace the human being in the event that he is faced with the harsh conditions of space, and this allows to preserve the health of the astronaut in space and after his return to Earth.”

It is noteworthy that the non-professional cosmonaut and Russian actress, Yulia Peresild, helped the pilot of the “Soyuz MS-19” spacecraft, Anton Shpalerov, after he transferred to the manual control system in the docking process with the space station, and they succeeded in that.

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