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رائد فضاء روسي يكشف سبب صعوبة النوم في الفضاء

Russian cosmonaut reveals why it is difficult to sleep in space

Russian cosmonaut Oleg Kotov, who flew into space three times, revealed the reason for the discomfort of sleeping in space, as he told “Sputnik” agency that the lack of an armrest, the noise of equipment, constantly working lights and other reasons that make sleeping in space uncomfortable.

He said: “It is not comfortable at all, neither on the first night nor on the last night, man is used to sleeping lying on his back or side leaning on the bed, and put his hand under the pillow, sleeping without leaning against the wall is uncomfortable, you just float in Sleeping bags, even if you are very tired during the day, very tired, it is difficult to fall asleep, you try to find a comfortable position, you try to support your feet and head.”

In addition, air does not enter through the sleeping bags in which astronauts spend the night, which makes them stifling, Kotov said, “Throwing the blanket back, as on Earth, will not work. You insert your arms and legs into special pockets to get them out.

According to him, if you can somehow sleep in the cabins, then there are now three of them in the Russian part, then after the arrival of the “film crew” on October 5 – cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov, actress Yulia Peresild and director Klim Shipenko, there will be five people in the part The Russians, and two of them will have to sleep outside the cabins, and attach sleeping bags only to the walls of the units.

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For these two, it will also be difficult to sleep at night because the lights on the International Space Station do not go out completely, and the noise of fans and operating equipment can be heard.