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Russian Defense reveals the truth about the missile that hit an apartment building in the Ukrainian capital


The Russian Defense Ministry denied reports that a “Russian missile strike” had hit a residential building in Kiev this morning, Thursday morning.

A source in the Russian defense said that rumors of a Russian missile strike targeting a residential building on Lubanovsky Street in Kiev are baseless, noting that the nature of the damage indicates that it was caused by an anti-aircraft missile, as shown in the video clip.

The source added: “It is clear that while repelling a night missile attack on the military infrastructure of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the missile guidance device of the Ukrainian medium-range air defense system “Buk M1″ failed, and the missile hit the side of a residential building.”

The source added that after the loss of Gostomel Airport on the outskirts of Kiev, the Ukrainian army moved three launchers of the Buk-M1 air defense systems yesterday, Friday, to strengthen the air defenses of Giuliani Airport in the capital.

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Russian Defense Ministry: Russian forces did not fire any rockets at Kiev

According to the source, the reason for the failure of the Ukrainian missile is most likely due to its failure to undergo the necessary periodic maintenance and the provision of military equipment used by the Ukrainian army since the Soviet era.

The Russian Defense confirmed earlier today that its forces are only bombing “the targets of the military infrastructure of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, in a manner that prevents damage to the residential and social infrastructure.”

Source: “Novosti”