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Russian diplomats supported world powers. Behind the Czech Republic are Britain, the United States and Germany

London / Washington The British government on Sunday announced its support for the Czech Republic, which has decided to expel 18 staff members of the Russian embassy on suspicion of involvement in the 2014 ammunition depot explosion in Virbice.

Referring to sources close to the BBC, the BBC said an email sent to the IMEX team in the Czech Republic was important in the case. He identifies the two Russian agents involved in the bombing and later the two men involved in the 2018 assassination attempt on former Russian agent Sergei Skribal in the British city of Salisbury.

British Foreign Secretary Dominique Robb said the United Kingdom fully supports Czech allies in showing where Russia’s intelligence is ready to go in its efforts to carry out dangerous and harmful operations in Europe. Thus he sympathized with the family since the explosion in Vrbtice.

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The British government says on its website that the Foreign Ministry condemns the dishonest and dangerous actions of Russian intelligence in the Czech Republic. According to the Czech Republic, two agents of the Russian military secret service GRU were behind the explosion in the Virtis, which he blamed on the British for trying to assassinate former Russian secret agent Skribal.

We are committed to bringing those responsible for the Salisbury River to justice and will appreciate the efforts of the Czech Republic to uphold it, Rob said.

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The BBC reports that flows into Britain and the Czech Republic – attempted assassination in Bulgaria – was written to section 29155 of the Russian military GRU. According to recent reports, the group is being used to prepare and execute sabotage and operations overseas. Following the Salisbury River, European security forces began to carry out net and extraordinary events, which are not clear.

According to the BBC, an email was sent to the investigator’s email IMEX Group, which leased the warehouses in Vrbtice. The real sender was Dikistna’s army, who with two inspectors provided the company to plunder the Envidva warehouse. The email also contained copies of travel documents issued in the names of Ruslan Tabarov of Tajikistan and Nikolai Bopa from Moldova.

Czech police have announced that two Russian nationals, Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Poyrov, have been identified in connection with an explosion in Vyrbez on Saturday. According to the names of the photos and passports, these are the same hue that is suspected to be the poison of Scribal.

NATO and US support

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) supports the Czech Republic, which investigates Russia’s actions in its country as harmful. An unnamed NATO official told Reuters on Sunday. He said the case is further from the example of dangerous breeding in Moscow. The Czech Republic was also supported by Poland in this regard.

This is a case of dangerous breeding in Russia. We express our condolences for the explosion at Vrbtice. A NATO official said those responsible should be held accountable.

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Support for the Czech Republic, which decided on Saturday to expel 18 employees of the Russian embassy on suspicion of involvement of a member of the Russian secret service in the explosion of an ammunition depot in the Virtues in 2014, was released on Twitter by the US embassy in Prague and Latvian Foreign Minister Edgar Ringwis.

The United States is one of its allies, the Czech Republic. “We appreciate his significant decision to hold Russia accountable for the damage to the Czech lands,” said Ambassador Jennifer Bacchusov.

Words of Support Latvian Foreign Minister Edgar Ringwis addressed the Czech Republic: Latvia expresses solidarity with our Czech allies over the decision to expel 18 Czech allies as diplomats. Rinquis stressed that two people were killed in the first explosion: the explosive arsenal and the vicious actions of Russian agents responsible for the deaths of innocent people are reprehensible and the perpetrators must be punished.

German Ambassador Christoph Israng also expressed support. The decision of the Czech authorities regarding the incident on Vrbtice is very worrying. He wrote on Twitter that Germany stands by its Czech allies and friends.