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خبراء روس يختبرون رحلة من الأرض للمحطة الفضائية الدولية خلال ساعة ونصف فقط

Russian experts test a flight from Earth to the International Space Station in just an hour and a half

Russian experts began testing a high-speed flight to the International Space Station in a record time of no more than 1.5 hours, and the “Ross Cosmos” Foundation indicates that the test of this flight began when the “Progress MS-17” cargo ship was launched on June 30 and docked with the International Space Station. On the 2nd of July.

“The cargo ship “Progress MS-17″ has entered the phase of short-range guidance, into the so-called elliptical orbit, which is characterized by a fixed altitude difference with the orbit of the initial International Space Station,” the corporation said in a statement published on its official website. This method is supposed to be used in one cycle to dock the spacecraft with the International Space Station within 90-120 minutes after launch.”

It is noteworthy that Dmitry Rogozin, Director General of Roscosmos, had announced last April that the first spacecraft to dock with the International Space Station after one orbit would be in 2022.

Fast flights allow astronauts to reach the International Space Station more comfortably, due to the small size of the Soyuz spacecraft, and the doctors also proved that after 6-7 cycles (9-10.5 hours), the negative effect of weightlessness begins – nausea and motion sickness, that is, the flight Fast allows astronauts to feel this negative effect on a large station, rather than in a small craft.

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