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Russian missile strikes on Odessa... and a "serious accusation" against America

Russian missile strikes on Odessa… and a “serious accusation” against America

Brachuk added that the strikes hit the city after targets were hit in the city The area around Odessa to shoot by four missiles earlier in the day.

Brachuk did not elaborate on the new strikes, saying the facts were still being confirmed.

Kharkiv region

In this context, the governor said Kharkiv region Ole Senegubov said that Russian bombing hit a museum dedicated to the philosopher and poet Grigory Skovoroda in the Ukrainian village of Skovorodinivka, causing a fire that destroyed the building.

Sengupov said in a post on social media that the bombing of the roof of the Grigory Skovoroda Memorial Literary Museum during the night injured the museum’s curator, but that the most valuable items had been moved earlier to a safer place.

“The building was almost completely destroyed,” he said.

Skovoroda, a famous philosopher and poet of the 18th century, spent the last years of his life in the village of Ivanovka, which was later named Skovorodinivka in his honor.

Serious accusation against America

For his part, accused the chief Russian House of Representatives (Duma) Washington is coordinating military operations in Ukraine in what it described as amounting to direct US intervention in military operations against Russia.

“Washington mainly coordinates and develops military operations, and therefore directly participates in military operations against our country,” Vyacheslav Volodin said on his Telegram channel.

Washington and European members of NATO provided Kyiv with heavy weapons to help it resist the Russian offensive, which resulted in the occupation of areas of eastern and southern Ukraine, but failed to control Kyiv.

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But United State And its NATO allies have repeatedly said that they will not take part in the fighting themselves in order to avoid becoming a party to the conflict.

US officials said the United States provided intelligence to Ukraine to help counter the Russian attack, but they denied that this information contained accurate targeting data.