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Russian police found stolen jewels worth 160 million rubles in the forest

Russian police found stolen jewels worth 160 million rubles in the forest

Updates: 21.05.2021 14:37

MOSCOW – Russian police announced that they have found buried diamonds and gemstones worth more than 160 million rubles (more than 45 million crowns) in the forest near Kazan. The jewelry, which was owned by a Russian jewelry company, disappeared during the 2018 World Cup. Police discovered the valuables after the suspected theft revealed where the stolen items were hidden. The Ministry of the Interior of Russian Tatarstan wrote that diamonds and precious stones will soon be returned to the owner The web, Where she also posted photos of the found jewelry.

Diamonds and precious stones disappeared in the summer of 2018 during transport to the Kazan fair, which was held at the same time as the World Cup at the time. Kazan was one of the cities that hosted the tournament. The interior ministry said that the bag containing diamonds and approved jewelry was stolen while loading a consignment of valuables, and items were found at the airport.

Police have accused Colombian citizen Edgar Alejandro Valleere Valer of theft, who he said was involved in packing valuables. Russia placed him on the international wanted list. Police detained him in Argentina last September, and authorities handed him over to Russia in March of this year. “The Colombian confessed to having buried the stolen things in a wooded area in one part of Kazan,” the ministry said.

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