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Russian security forces launch election campaign, exaggerate Neovicimaya Gazette

Russian security forces launch election campaign, exaggerate Neovicimaya Gazette

Independent Television Dožď Gudko recalled that house searches also took place with close associates. According to television, it is clear that these events are related to the upcoming elections to the State Duma.

Political scientist Abbas Kalzamov believes the government has learned from the situation in the summer of 2019 in the election for the Moscow City Council. At that time, the authorities gradually banned uncomfortable candidates from contesting. The media then had to write something, which caused dissatisfaction among the citizens and protests came. Now the process is said to be different.

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There is a new law on terrorism that applies to multiple candidates at once. In addition, officials are removing opposition candidates long ago, so even if a wave of opposition arises, they are unlikely to last until the autumn elections.

I express a similar opinion Nasavisimaja Gazette In an article with a conflicting title, the security forces were the first to launch an election campaign. The text reminds us that part of the Russian opposition will soon be declared an extremist, while another has been known for some time as an “undesirable element.”

Members of the security forces regularly report on how successfully they are preparing for “free and fair elections”, otherwise their actions cannot be explained.

The espionage affair undermines confidence in NATO

Swedish deník Dagens Nyheter Published an editorial on the European spy affair. It was revealed on Monday that the US National Security Agency had used cooperation with Danish foreign intelligence from 2012 to 2014 to spy on not only German Chancellor Angela Merkel but also leading Swedish politicians.

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The notion agrees that we can be cynical about this issue. Isn’t it true that similar things happen? But allowing America itself is not just a controversy. Intelligence undermines trust among friends, and it is a question of how much more American arrogance bites American allies.

Today, Sweden is closer than ever to the North Atlantic Alliance and its Scandinavian neighbors. However, with the help of Denmark, the United States and Sweden will seize information they do not want to share with it, which certainly will not benefit from cooperation. The author of the commentary believes that only Russian President Vladimir Putin can benefit from this.

In the audio recording you can find the complete overview of foreign magazines.