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Russian students invent a space bath.. know the details

Students at Baltic State Technical University have prepared an experimental model for a private space bath that will greatly simplify the taking of health measures in Earth’s orbit, and a student at the university, Anastasia Kadadova, said in an interview with the Russian “TASS” agency that the patent received by the Russian engineer , Alexander Masarsky, formed the basis for the new space bath project, and one of the most important features of this project is the use of dry air instead of hot steam.

According to RT, the Russian student explained, “Our project is based on the patent received at the time by Dr. Alexander Masarky, former head of the Student Design Office at Baltic University and a judo wrestling coach. This bath can not only be used to reduce the weight of athletes, but also And in space, too.

The student said that in the seventies and eighties, designers of space equipment were interested in the so-called “pocket bathroom” project put forward by Dr. Masarsky, they refused to use dry air and switched to hot steam, but the hot steam does not give the required treatment to the astronauts. Our project is to return to dry air, which has a curative effect.

It is noteworthy that Baltic University is cooperating with the “Roskosmos” space corporation, which is currently studying the possibility of using its students’ invention on Russian space stations.

It is worth noting that the promising space bath is a sealed thermal chamber, in which hot air is transferred, and the bath is equipped with 12 temperature sensors.

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