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Russian television also contributes to tensions in Ukraine.  Meanwhile, the country is strengthening its security

Russian television also contributes to tensions in Ukraine. Meanwhile, the country is strengthening its security

Tensions are rising between the two countries. On Saturday, Russia and Ukraine decided to expel diplomats. The Russian party was the first to expel the Ukrainian embassy in St. Petersburg, Alexander Sosonok, for alleged actions that were inconsistent with diplomatic status. Sosonoka was previously detained by the Russian secret service, the FSP, according to which the Ukrainian ambassador sought confidential information from Russian security officials’ databases.

The next day, Russia announced that it had sent a pair of warships to the Black Sea. Information Reuters and the Russian media. Send the same number of warships according to the server Politics The United Kingdom also decided. In a gesture in support of Ukraine, the newspaper reported that the United Kingdom was planning The Sunday Times Send a brave class destroyer to the Black Sea with anti-aircraft missiles and Duke-class anti-submarine forces.

According to The Sunday Times, the military is ready to send F-35 Lightning fighter jets and Merlin helicopters from the aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth in the event of a threat from Russian ships. It will be in the Mediterranean because flying into the Black Sea is banned by international treaty, writes the British daily.

British station BBC Meanwhile, he reported on the reports of the Vesti Nedeli project aired on Russian state television Russia 24. Reports of the use of the North Atlantic Alliance in Ukraine reappeared last week. “I have never seen so much Allied military equipment on Ukrainian soil before,” the BBC quoted a report as showing a U.S. military Boeing C-17 Globemaster III landing aircraft landing at an airport.

But that video shows an American plane landing in Alaska. According to the BBC, footage from the U.S. military news YouTube channel claiming to have creators came from the BBC The web U.S. Department of Defense. The video in the report will then glow significantly compared to the original, thanks to which, for example, the mountains in the background will disappear. However, from the buildings in the background, it can be said that they are the same scenes.

NATO in Ukraine, actually an exercise in Bulgaria

The Russian state-run station also reported that the Russian Atlantic Alliance had taken US M1 Abrams tanks to western Ukraine. Shots But in fact they came from Bulgaria in 2015, where the military exercise Operation Speed ​​and Power took place. According to the BBC, a quote from the British Prime Minister during Lord Palmerstone’s Crimean War also appeared on the station’s broadcast. The former prime minister had to say, “It is very difficult to survive when no one is at war with Russia.” This report was to be officially published on the floor of the House of Commons in the United Kingdom on March 1, 1848. Registration However, the action does not occur.

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Server Ukraine Politics Since 2014 it has significantly increased investment in defense. When 2.2 percent of Ukraine’s GDP went to defense in 2014, it was 3.4 percent in 2019, In the states Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. How does the country compare with Russia? In the same year, Russia set aside 3.9 percent of GDP for its defense. But on a financial level, these are dizzying differences: Russia has set aside a total of $ 65 billion, with Ukraine sending $ 5.2 billion to defend itself in 2019.

Accordingly the Ukrainian army Global Firepower Table A total of 255 thousand professional soldiers and 900 thousand men have active reserves. Russia, on the other hand, has one million troops and two million active troops in the country.

In early April, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky said that Ukraine’s access to NATO was the only way to end the conflict in Donbass. The president later called on the North Atlantic Coalition to expedite Ukraine’s entry into the military agreement. Accordingly the Ukrainian army Document In the first 18 months of the Green government, Kiev’s new European center met 96 standards required to join NATO. However, according to experts, the pace of meeting these standards is still slow and joining NATO will be an issue for many years to come.