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Russian Yulia Peresild is the first actress in history to shoot a movie in space (video) |  News

Russian Yulia Peresild is the first actress in history to shoot a movie in space (video) | News

Yulia Peresild became the first actress in history to shoot a movie in outer space, surpassing Hollywood stars, led by Tom Cruise.

On October 5, Yulia (37 years), accompanied by director Klim Shipenko (38 years), set off towards the International Space Station to begin a 12-day adventure, to shoot the Russian-language movie (The Challenge).

To get to space, Yulia and Klim underwent months of training, including centrifugal and zero-gravity tests.

And the heroine launched into space aboard a Soyuz rocket, which is the first time that this rocket has been launched to the International Space Station, with only Russian citizens on board.

This work adds to the series of challenges that exist between the two poles of space, Russia and the United States of America.

More than 60 years after the victory of the Soviet Union over the United States by launching the first artificial satellite in human history, Russian filmmakers are currently filming the first feature-length cinematic work outside the planet.

This comes while the US space agency (NASA) announced last year an expected cooperation with (SpaceX) to shoot a movie starring Tom Cruise on board its International Space Station, with a budget estimated at 200 million US dollars, but the Russians have preceded.

Activists on social networking sites of different nationalities shared the features of the Russian-American conflict by publishing tweets bearing pictures of Yulia and Cruz together.

Tweeters also praised Yulia’s effort to become the first cinematographer to film a fictional work outside the planet, in a mission that bears many difficulties and challenges.

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Yulia is currently one of the most sought-after actresses in Russian cinema. She graduated in 2006 in the acting department of the Russian University of Dramatic Art.

Yulia was born in Pskov, a small Russian city located in the northwest on the borders with Estonia and Latvia, and due to the deteriorating security situation in this city, she left for the capital, Moscow, and began her dream of acting by enrolling in theatrical acting college.

According to press reports, Yulia’s family did not believe in her talent, nor did they expect that their daughter, who had never visited the theater, would succeed in eventually enrolling in theatrical acting college and launching towards fame and then into space.

Unique experience

Yulia celebrated the unique experience she was going through by making sure to publish all the preparations accompanying the filming of the movie on her accounts on social media platforms.

And her account on the (Instagram) application was crowded, starting with the videos of the exercises and ending with her launch to Kazakhstan, the first stop on a long way out of the planet.

Kazakhstan hosts the Baikonur cosmodrome, the world’s largest space launch facility.

On this experience, Yulia said, in press statements and publications on social media, that “things will not be on the same level as they are on the ground.”

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“I still imagine that I’m dreaming,” she added as she set foot on the International Space Station. It is almost impossible to believe that all of this is real.”

The Russian film “Challenge” tells the story of a doctor, played by Yulia Peresild, who is called to board the space station with the aim of saving a crew member.

It is reported that two cosmonauts, Oleg Novitsky and Pyotr Dubrov, will take part in the film.

The film is a co-production between Russia’s Channel One and the Russian Space Agency (Roscosmos).

exceptional parking

According to the live broadcast on the Russian Space Agency’s website, the spacecraft carrying the working team encountered problems while docking automatically with the International Space Station, which made the commander of the spacecraft, cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov, who participated in 3 space missions, a decision to dock manually.

The Soyuz spacecraft docked at the International Space Station just over 3 hours later.

Prior to the off-planet shoot, Peresild and her 12-year-old daughter Anna, who watched her mother from a safe distance, also focused on the spacecraft’s take-off.

She also took pictures of Yulia adjusting her shape in a mirror before launching into space, and one of these pictures spread on social media.

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As part of the exceptional situations associated with filming this work, the director’s wife, actress Sofia Karbonina, said that Shipenko had to lose 15 kilograms of weight before embarking on his mission.

It is expected that Yulia and Klim will face restrictions during filming in space, due to the limited number of people on the set.

The situation indicates that there will be no staff of assistants, so she will apply the cosmetics herself, and prepare her clothes.

Shipenko will perform all technical tasks such as photography, lighting and sound adjustment, in addition to his duties as a director.

Source : Aljazeera live + Social Media

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