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Russia's Gagarin Center plans to include new batches of cosmonauts

Russia’s Gagarin Center plans to include new batches of cosmonauts

The Russian Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center has announced its plans to open the door for registration to join the ranks of its astronauts.

The head of the center, Maxim Kharlamov, indicated that we have a plan to open registration for the inclusion of new groups of people in the ranks of the Russian cosmonauts next year. inhabited”.

He added, “It is still just an idea so far. We are studying the possibility of including some people to train them to become astronauts in the future. We are communicating with the Russian Roscosmos Foundation to learn about its plans and programs for its manned space flights, and on this basis we will submit our request regarding opening the door for affiliation to the ranks of astronauts.” new ones to know the number of pioneers we need and to make the required plans.”

He continued, “We need to know the details of future Russian space flight programs and their specific dates, as well as the date of the start of the Russian program for flights to the moon in the future, as well as how long the International Space Station will remain in operation in space. Currently, Roscosmos has not confirmed its plans to extend the life of the station.”

Last year, Kharlamov told the Russian TASS news agency, “The Gagarin Center, which he heads, has plans to put forward a project to open the door to affiliation with the ranks of new cosmonauts in Russia, and this project may be presented to the Roscosmos Foundation in the middle of 2022, for the latter to make its decision. final in this regard.

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