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Russia's iron fist on Ukraine .. Zelensky sends a request to Putin

Russia’s iron fist on Ukraine .. Zelensky sends a request to Putin

Analysts considered the statements and demands of the Ukrainian president to negotiate, contrary to what was at the beginning of the Russian military operation last month, as a turning point, due to several reasons, the most important of which was the fall of the port.

And at dawn last Saturday, it was announced Ukrainian Ministry of Defense Russian forces have complete control of the port city of Mariupol Main article on the Sea of ​​Azov, she said: “The occupiers succeeded in part in the Donetsk area of ​​operations and deprived them Ukraine from reaching the sea.

An announcement that came after days of fierce battles in the city, which is described as the jewel in the Russian operation, as Moscow will be able to introduce its weapons to its forces in Ukraine, and perhaps make its warships stationed in the port, to push the balance of power in its favor more and to resolve the military operation quickly, which the President realized Ukrainian.

the port fell

The Sea of ​​Azov, just by looking at its location on the map, can understand the reason behind the insistence of Russia To control the surrounding lands, it is branched from the Black Sea in its northern part, and is connected to it by the Kerch Strait.

The Sea of ​​Azov overlooks the Ukrainian shores to the north, Russia to the east, and the Crimea, which it controls Moscow Since 2014, from the West.

For his part, Solonov Plavrev, a Russian researcher in the history of international relations, said: “With the control of the main port, the countdown to the end of the military operation in Ukraine has begun, as the battlefield is now isolated from the sea, which was an important outlet for Ukraine.”

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The Russian researcher in the history of international relations explained, in his statement to “Sky News Arabia”, that Azov sea It has a special economic importance due to the presence of ships loaded with wheat inside this sea, which may cast a shadow on the global food supply, referring to a message that has already been sent from the Russian Navy a few days ago confirming that more than 40 ships are waiting to enter Azov, which affected the prices Wheat Globalism.

In previous statements, the assistant professor of international relations at the Russian Lobachevsky University, Amr El-Deeb, stated that The importance of Mariupol It lies in 3 points: “The first is that the territory of this city is the land route connecting Russia and eastern Ukraine with the Crimea, and by controlling it, Ukraine will be isolated by sea.”

The assistant professor of international relations at Lobachevsky University highlighted, during his speech to “Sky News Arabia”, that “the second point is that this city is the most important and largest port in terms of capacity on the Sea of ​​Azov, and its control by Russian and eastern Ukrainian forces will mean a strong economic capacity for my republic.” Donetsk and Lugansk, especially in the field of coal and minerals export.

He continued, “The third and final point is to deprive Ukraine of this port, which means a clear undermining of Ukraine’s economic capabilities.”

Zelensky calls for negotiation

In the context of developments, the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, hours before announcing the fall of the port, to meaningful peace and security talks “without delay” with Moscow; “It is time to meet, time to talk, time to restore territorial integrity and justice to Ukraine,” he said in a video speech.

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Here, Solonov-Plavrev explained that Zelensky knows very well that “the loss of Mariupol is the end”, and he expected the talks to be flexible on the Ukrainian side, which was intransigent and evasive during the talks of the past days, as he put it.

For his part, Vladimir Medinsky, head of the Russian delegation to the negotiations with the Ukrainian side, and assistant to Russian President Vladimir PutinThe positions of Moscow and Kiev came as close as possible on the issue of Ukraine’s neutral status.

Medinsky added that “the issue of the neutral situation and Ukraine’s non-joining of the alliance NATO It is one of the main points of the talks, and this is the point that made the parties bring their positions as close as possible.”

He stressed that “these points have nuances, related to security guarantees for Ukraine,” in addition to the existing guarantees in the event of refusal to join the “NATO” bloc.

The fourth round of talks was held between Russia And Ukraine, last Tuesday, in conjunction with the continuation of the military operation.