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Úniky a roadmapy AMD o procesorech Ryzen 5000, 6000, 7000 a 8000

Ryzen 7000 a 8000: Granite Ridge, Strix Point, and Zen 5 a Zen 4D

Latest leaks about future AMD processors: The 3nm Ryzen 8000 processor with Zen 5 will have a powerful version of Granite Ridge, APU Strix Point also has a small Zen 4D cores.

Lots of news broke out about future AMD processors in the past week. We had it here The first info about the AM5 desktop socketWho goes into the design of LGA with the screws on the motherboard, then I. Something about Ryzen (around) 7,000 “Raphael” processors with Zen 4 cores.

Now there have been other leaks with information not only about the Zen 4, but also about the Zen 5, which may have appeared to the world very quickly after the Zen 4, probably already in the Riesen 8000. Even the name, which is supposed to be small cores, which AMD is supposed to be preparing To her – it looks like a future APU Strix Point will indeed bring a great hybrid architecture. LITTLE.

Point Strix

First, let’s take a look at a more brief escape, which brings a “vision” to the distant future – 2023 or 2024. A piece of the alleged roadmap appeared on Weibo in China, showing plans for the Ryzeny 8000. Unfortunately, it’s censored, so most of the details remain. Secrecy. What we’re learning is that the Ryzen 8000 APU actually has the codename Strix Point. That is, just like in the last leak that brought in information about the chip named with that name. It could be evidence of authenticity, but we don’t know if the sources of the two leaks are independent of one another.

Advice: AMD is said to have gotten big, too. LITTLE Processors: 3nm Ryzen 8000 with L4 Cache and Zen 5 in 2024

Zen 5 cores are large, Zen 4D cores are small

In addition to being a Ryzen 8000, the Strix Point (STX-A0) is telling a blurry roadmap that these chips will be manufactured in a 3nm manufacturing process, apparently by TSMC, where the designation “N3” is used by this foundry manufacturer. The most interesting new discovery is Zen5 + Zen4D CPU architecture design. This appears to confirm the release that the APU Ryzen 8000 / Strix Point is a hybrid design. It will have a new Zen 5 architecture, which will likely be powerful cores.

Additionally, it appears to have other “Zen 4D” cores. Their role may be similar to that of Intel Alder Lake Increased multi-fiber performance due to improved energy efficiency. The name indicates that it should be derived from the earlier Zen 4 architecture. But they will likely not be identical, so AMD may not only take the previous architecture, but can likely make modifications to it to reduce the power consumption of the “small” kernel. It is difficult to determine if it will be just a detail, or whether it will reduce the width Significant number of arithmetic units, reducing off-demand buffers or reducing cache (or even removing SMT). This, of course, in addition to power consumption and chip area, would also reduce the performance of a single core.

Information on the Ryzen 8000 Strix Point and Granite Ridge processors (Source: itacg / Weibo)

Other than that, there are also hints to Strix Point again that this APU might have some new cache – L4 or system level cache. It can be a cache memory that can be used by both CPU cores and integrated graphics, which can improve performance at a certain memory throughput, similar to Infinity Cache in standalone GPUs. It has not been directly documented yet, nor do we see it in this roadmap.

Granite Ridge: Big CPUs won’t be great

Another novelty in this roadmap is the codename of the second line of Ryzen 8000, that is, more powerful processors with multiple cores, which today do not have an integrated GPU (but in the Ryzen 7000 and 8000 generations) They can getSo the dividing line is likely to be that these processors are apparently going to be pure desktops, while monolithic APUs are likely to rely on silicon intended for laptops.)

On the Ryzen 8000 generation, according to the roadmap, these powerful processors will be named Granite Ridge. In their case, unfortunately, everything else is censored, but it can be assumed that if the Zen 5 is designed in APU for a 3nm process, then the technology should be the same in these processors. AMD introduces a new kernel first on the desktop, so we think Granite Ridge will be Zen 5. When you look at how blurry the turquoise shed is, it also looks like only one type of kernel will be used (text is short). So, if Sergeant didn’t intentionally cause chaos here, it’s possible that the Ryzen 8000 Granite Ridge for the AM5 socket is a completely non-hybrid design with the Zen 5 cores themselves.

That the Granite Rapids poster is real, otherwise It also claims to be the leaked ExecutableFix installer to some extent.

AMD roadmapa CPU Zen4 1600

Ryzenech 7000 “Raphael” information

There have also been rumors of Raphael’s processors with Zen 4 cores. YouTuber Moore’s Law is dead. It’s likely part of a compilation of various other gossip or leaks, so it’s hard to determine what MLID has from its own resources and what from elsewhere. In theory, for example, some portions might be more speculative and unfinished.

In addition to the information we already know (Support AVX-512 Or 28 lines of PCIe 4.0, but some will take a chipset (it is mentioned that the processors will have an eight-core CPU chipset) We know this also from the information about Genoa Server Edition). AMD is said to be able to make a version of the AM5 socket with three CPU chips, which would allow for an advanced (and expensive) 24 cores. But it is said that it may or may not be so it is best not to rely on 24 positions at the moment, as it could also just be speculation.

Processors reportedly can support DDR5-5200, support USB4.0 port Also, the presence of integrated graphics does not exclude or confirm MLID. However, it was mentioned that the Zen 4 should have an IPC improvement (i.e. power at 1MHz) of more than 20% compared to the Zen 3, so it’s likely that the single-core performance is higher than Intel Alder Lake.

Information on Moores Law's Ryzen 7000 Raphael and Zen 4 processors is dead
Information on the Ryzen 7000 Raphael and Zen 4 processors from Moores Law is Dead (Source: Moores Law is Dead via techPowerUp)

Zen 4 already in the summer of 2022?

According to this YouTuber, the Zen 4 is now scheduled to launch in the third quarter of 2022 (which will be from July to September). But it also doesn’t have to be final, so it doesn’t tell us much, because it mentioned that some delay could cause the release to eventually happen in the fourth quarter, It also argued with previous rumors.

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resources: Video CardsAnd the WeiboAnd the techPowerUp

Ryzen 7000 and 8000: Granite Ridge, big. LITTLE Strix Point has Zen 5 cores and “Zen 4D”

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