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SA, despite insolvency, increased traffic, in lt want to travel to 14 countries

SA, despite insolvency, increased traffic, in lt want to travel to 14 countries

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At present, the carrier has five regular lines. Accordingly, the entire SA will fly from Prague to Brussels, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Massachusetts, Amsterdam, Helsinki, Bucharest, Malta and Iceland.

New is the renewal of the SA flight between Prague and Sofia, the last time the carrier traveled on this route in March 2012. In addition, traffic will continue on the routes to Bay, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Moscow and Kiev. The company began selling tickets in the company.

While the airline currently operates two aircraft, summer is counted with five machines and a similar number of crew, according to Vladimir Dovkov. She added that as part of the synergy of course, the ability of the Smartwings company is being used.

esk Airlines has been hit hard by the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, forcing the carrier to cancel a large number of connections. He fired about 300 workers last year. In the office, the company announced a number of jobs to lay off all 430 employees. In this context, the SA noted that this is one of the steps of the planned reorganization, and change does not have to mean everything. Due to the crisis, the company’s fleet was reduced to only two cars.

It can protect the apartments from the noise of ventilation, and the pink fly contributes to it

The company has been in trouble since June, the court approved a reorganization that will be developed by parent company Smartwings.

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Traffic man prepares and allows airlines to fly. For example, Eurowings company Eight new itineraries have been added to her trip to Prague. You will fly to the Greek islands, Mallorca and set destinations Banelsk, the Portuguese parish or Larnaca in Cyprus. During the winter, Eurowings fly from Prague to 14 destinations.

The coronavirus crisis has continued to severely reduce air traffic, with traffic at Prague Airport slowly rising in recent months. There were 654 passengers on board the flight. Meziron is about 63 percent more, and at the same time about fifty less than in the pre-crisis period.