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SA will keep the Prague City Air name. Vitel with full consent

Pestoe matesk Smartwings will negotiate a $2 billion guarantee that Czech Airlines will not receive a crown from. (February 26, 2021)
| Photo: Frantik FlickAnd the mavra

The winners of Quiverbet and Lufthansa Technik will win the largest number: 55 million kroner and about 3.3 million kroner. According to an expert opinion from GrantThornton, this is a loss in excess of 207 million kroner. This is only a fraction of the debt he left behind on the Smartwings group. Including nearly seventeen billion in receivables from the aircraft manufacturer Airbus was more than nineteen billion crowns.

But according to representatives of Dlouunka, bankruptcy would be less favorable for creditors; This is mainly due to the fact that SA, as a bankrupt air carrier, according to Smartwings’ first opinion, will lose its air carrier’s license, even if it is sold to any potential bidders.

Completely reorganized is the best and only one day. If the full reorganization is not accepted, the weight other than bankruptcy, the first representative for a long time, Michal Ilavsek.

All current winners finally agreed to a complete reorganization, and only a few decisions about the future of one of the oldest airlines were successful. It was essentially Airbus, under which claims were not registered, and it provided an exemption from voting. However, the final decision will depend on the insolvency court. But according to Elava, the court is expected to issue its decision within a week or several weeks. Supposedly it’s a unanimous message.

SA saw the effects of the coronavirus epidemic, forcing the carrier to cancel a large number of connections. He fired about 300 workers due to a loss the previous year. Last year, the company announced a series of jobs to lay off 430 employees. The company now employs about a hundred aviation and non-aeronautical personnel and operates two transport aircraft. However, after approval of the entire reorganized fleet, the known SA fleet must be delivered by Airbus A220.

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The pension will be provided to the paid creditor by a new investor, which according to the fully approved company Prague City Air, which is owned by the owner of Smartwings, Ji imn and the Vikov family, that is, the current owner of Matesk Smartwings .