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Saad Abdullah and Abdullah Topz excited the audience for the “Rising Star” program in Ramadan 2022

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Actor Saad Abdullah and Saudi influencer Abdullah Topz are preparing to launch a new series of comic pranks during the holy month of Ramadan 2022 under the title: “The Rising Star Program”, in which a number of stars and Arab content makers will participate.

The artist Saad Abdullah revealed the features of his personality, as he embodies the role of the presenter of the program, refusing to reveal more details, in order to preserve the element of suspense and surprise, for the episodes of the program, which is characterized by a satirical comic style, and the artist Saad Abdullah presents his role with great skill and in a creative and distinguished manner, especially since all the guests of the episodes from Arab stars have been lured to participate in the program, in which the guest is exposed to many exciting situations and unexpected surprises.

It is noteworthy that the Rising Star program will be launched on the official channel of the Saudi influencer Abdullah Tops “YouTube” and will also be broadcast on the official channel of the actor Saad Abdullah “Snapchat”, and the Dubai-based Yas Production Media Company decided to show the program’s episodes on all platforms of social networking sites affiliated with Its, in a different and new experience, to be available for everyone to watch.


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