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الفنان المصري سعد أردش

Saad Ardash.. The “Flies and the Good Man” march (Profile)

Economic conditions were preventing him from his dream. Saad Ardash did not know how to make way for the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts, but he did something greater.

In a village in Damietta Governorate, Saad was born into a simple family. Seduced by acting in his childhood, and became his dream, and his preoccupation. In his primary school, the school principal at the time was Helmy al-Babli, the father of the Egyptian artist Suhair al-Babli, and he had a good relationship with him, before he met, in high school, the poet Taher Abu Fasha, the leader of the school theater experience.

At the end of high school, Saad decided to go to Cairo, where art, theater and cinema, and what he also dreams of. But his financial circumstances hindered the realization of the dream a little, so he worked for the railways as a clerk, to get money and save it in order to achieve his desire.

Ardash arrived in Cairo, joined the Institute of Acting, graduated from the institute in 1952, and obtained a Bachelor of Laws at Ain Shams University, then a doctorate from the International Academy of Theater in Rome, then returned to Egypt again. After his return, he directed the play “The Land” by Abdul Rahman Al-Sharqawi, and luck played a role in his acting as well.

Ardash is considered one of the symbols of the theatrical renaissance in the sixties, and between politics and daily life, the man, who is considered a symbol of the Egyptian theater, as an artist and director, left a large imprint on his stage.

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The Egyptian artist collaborated with the great writers of his time, such as Nouman Ashour, Mahmoud Diab, Saad Eddin Wahba, and many others.

His most famous works were “The Safety Railroad, the Caucasian Chalk Circle, The Flies and the Good Man.” He also participated in acting in a number of artworks, such as “The Lamp of Umm Hashem, The Choice, and The Dayr Stone”.

Saad Ardash also worked in translation and writing, and he has among these works “The Director in Contemporary Theater and Italian Theater”.

The man held several positions, including that he was a professor and head of the acting and directing department at the Higher Institute of Theater, and he rose in several positions until he became head of the artistic house, and served as a member of the theater committee of the Supreme Council of Culture.

He received several decorations and honors, including the Medal of Science and Arts, and the State Appreciation Award, and was chosen in 1986 as the first director of the Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theatre.

On June 13, 2008, Saad Ardash left, leaving a great artistic career, and his imprint is still present on the Egyptian stage.