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Saad Lamjarred performs a concert today in Sharm El-Sheikh

The star of Arab and Moroccan singing, Saad Lamjarred, finished the press conference for his concert, which will be held tomorrow, Thursday, in the Taj Mahal Hall in the coastal city of Sharm El-Sheikh. Which he presented with all the Arab and foreign stars, stressing that they are all his friends, and about the song that opened the wide door for him to fame, he said that it is the song “You Are a Wahed One,” and it made the Arab audience hear the songs that he released before him, such as Habibi Malwa and other songs that had been released before, and of course I changed the song “You Are a Teacher” and it was A watershed point in his artistic career, and about the march of the Moroccan national team and the rest of the Arab teams in the World Cup championship. Saad confirmed that these are impressive results, and he felt happy that all the Arab peoples united behind the Moroccan national team, hoping that an Arab team would win the World Cup soon.

Lamjarred promised his Moroccan fans a special song for the Moroccan national team in the 2026 World Cup.

And about his relationship with the Egyptian audience, he said that he loves him and they have constant communication, and he dreams of presenting a concert in Cairo soon.

On acting, Saad said that he already has several offers to choose from, because the beginning is very important, especially in the cinema, and he is looking for a role close to him, especially at the beginning, and he hopes that the audience will accept him as an actor, as he loved him as a singer.

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In response to a question about singing for children, he said that he dreams of presenting a good song for children and a music clip for them, and he always thinks of them.

He confirmed that he dreams of singing in all Arabic dialects, and he has a new song in Spanish that he does not mind presenting in Sharm El-Sheikh, and another song in an African language.

Lamjarred said that he wishes to work with Salah Al-Sharnoubi, Walid Saad and Aziz Al-Shafei. Saad will perform a new Egyptian song in his concert tomorrow, titled “Myself, I See You”. Saad concluded Lamjarred for the conference by singing the song “The Throat That Makes You Worry”.