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Saba Mubarak: My failure to appear extensively in the cinema was intentional

Saba Mubarak: My failure to appear extensively in the cinema was intentional

The Jordanian artist told Asharq Al-Awsat that she will participate in Ramadan with “Between the Lines”.

The Jordanian actress, Saba Mubarak, is awaiting the presentation of her new series, “Night of Falling,” in the coming days, after she recently celebrated the screening of her movie “Banat Abd al-Rahman” in Egypt, to be the first Jordanian film to be shown publicly in Egyptian theaters.

In her interview with Asharq Al-Awsat, Mubarak revealed the details of her role in the series “Night of the Fall”, which she co-starred with the artist Tariq Lotfi, and about her 2023 Ramadan drama series, “Between the Lines”, which brings her together with the artist Ahmed Fahmy.

At the beginning, Saba talked about the details of the series “Night of Falling”, which is expected to be shown soon, saying: “The Night of Falling series is written by writer Magdi Saber and directed by Nagy Ta’my, and the Egyptian artist Tariq Lotfi and a large number of Egyptian and Arab art stars participate in it, and his story touches on a period of terrorism.” ISIS in the State of Iraq with the Yazidis, in which I embody the role of a Yazidi doctor who falls under the captivity of ISIS in Iraq.

Saba continues filming her scenes in her new series, “Between the Lines”, which is scheduled to be shown during the coming month of Ramadan: “The filming of the series has already begun, as it is scheduled to be shown during the holy month of Ramadan, and it is directed by Wael Faraj, and dramatic treatment and writing supervision by Naglaa Al-Hudaini. And the development of a narration workshop by Maryam Naoum, with the participation of the artist Ahmed Fahmy and the artist Mohamed Alaa, and we are all very excited about this series because of its reliance on a dramatic plot that has many mysteries.

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Saba Mubarak

The Jordanian artist denied her knowledge of the existence of a second part of the series “Suts in Arabic”, which was shown last Ramadan: “I have no knowledge of the fact that there is a second part of the series or not, so everything that is spread through social media and news sites is nothing but jurisprudence.” ».

The Jordanian actress revealed that she went through a state of anxiety and tension during the production of her latest movie, “Banat Abd al-Rahman”: “I have been living in anxiety and tension for a long time while working on the production of the film, because I have many production experiences in television drama, and I also had experiences in theatre, but Film production was somewhat far from me, so I decided to take a risk and told myself that a person lives only once, and he must take a risk, even if he makes a mistake, he must learn from the mistake, and when I was presented with the script of the film, I did not take more than three minutes in which I read a story The film and I made the decision to produce it immediately.”

She added: «After I was convinced of the story of the film, there was another hesitation about the character that I could embody from the four girls who play the starring role, until I fell in love with the character (Amal), and here I thank Farah Bseiso, Hanan Al-Helou and Maryam Pasha for their roles, which they presented in the best way. Possible, as they were able to convince the audience that they are artists who will have a great deal during the coming period.

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When asked about the lack of her cinematic work, Mubarak said: “Cinema is what perpetuates the history of any artist, so my failure to appear extensively in it is intentional. I do not want to present medium or weak works that I am not proud of, and I thank God because all my cinematic work was at a very high level.” .

The heroine of the movie “Daughters of Abd al-Rahman” expressed her great happiness at showing the film commercially in Egypt, as it would be the first film in the history of Jordan to be shown publicly in theaters in the capital, Cairo: “It is an honor and great pride for me to be the first Jordanian artist to show her film publicly in Cairo, as my first film is shown.” In my second country, ”noting that“ the experience was wonderful and great, and the film achieved impressive success in the Kingdom of Jordan, as it achieved an unprecedented achievement by remaining in Jordanian theaters for more than 10 consecutive weeks, a number that no Jordanian film had achieved before.