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Sabreen .. in a "work injury" - Al-Ittihad newspaper

Sabreen .. in a “work injury” – Al-Ittihad newspaper

Mohamed Kenawy (Cairo)

Actress Sabreen revealed her participation in the movie “Work Injury”, and she told Al-Ittihad: The movie belongs to the social comedy that I love to present, and it is scheduled to start filming in the coming weeks.
Sabreen indicated that she recently finished filming her last scenes in the movie “The Atheist”, in which he embodies the character of Mahmoud Hamida’s wife, written by Ibrahim Issa and directed by Mando Al-Adl. She said: The film discusses the conflicts of religious beliefs, and in it I play one of my most important roles in the cinema, and all the time I read the script and I do not believe the challenge that the character poses to me, and I will not reveal the details of the character until it is a surprise to the audience when the film is shown.
Sabreen stated that she resumed filming the scenes of her new series “A’amal A”, which she began filming before Eid al-Adha, written by Muhammad al-Hanawi and directed by Ahmed Abdel Hamid and co-starring Khaled al-Sawy and Suhair al-Murshidi, and it is scheduled to be shown during the next winter season. The events of the series, within the framework of the 45 episodes, revolve around the personality of a family man who faces several problems at work.
Sabreen revealed the reasons for going through all these experiences at the same time, saying: The variety of characters I was presented with seduced me greatly. TV recently. I hope that the roles and characters will be admired by the audience and that I will be successful in my choices.
It is noteworthy that Sabreen’s last work was the “Dream” series, and cinematically, her last appearance was in the movie “My Bride”, which was shown on the “Netflix” platform last February, in which she embodied the character of a woman coming to life, who lived it with joy until she was exposed to a shock that completely changed her. On the contrary, it revolves in a light comedic framework.

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