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"Saeed for Studies" organizes lectures on the history of the establishment of the state in British documents.

“Saeed for Studies” organizes lectures on the history of the establishment of the state in British documents.

Abu Dhabi: “Gulf”
The Saeed Center for Research and Research at the Emirates Heritage Club, in collaboration with the Department of History, University of Sharjah, organized a virtual lecture on “The History of the Evolution of the UAE in British Documents 1968-1971”. The discussion was moderated by the British historian and archivist Anita Burdt. Hasan al-Masabi Talib, PhD in History and Islamic Civilization, University of Sharjah.
At the beginning of the lecture, Fatima Al-Mansouri, Director of the Saeed Center for Research and Research, pointed out the importance of British documents as an important source for the history of the United Arab Emirates and the region. She has conducted numerous seminars and lectures. Light on these sources.
Anita Burdett pointed out ways to obtain official documents and records related to the history of the Emirates and the Gulf region, particularly those in the British National Archives, noting the need to specify relevant archives outside the official British archives, she said. Knowledge of the UK Archive Network.
In view of the high expectations in the age of digital technology and the digitalization process that began many years ago, he also addressed unexpected difficulties for students and the public in accessing or accessing documents directly.
He said it was wrong to assume that all archives were currently available to remote researchers, as digitalisation had created some problems for researchers visiting the National Archives in person. ‘Digital copy.
He noted that although some projects have copied and pasted records and documents and made them accessible to the public and researchers, the Gulf Digital Archive, also known as the Arabian Gulf Digital Archive, has made digital documents available for a fee to for-profit organizations. .
Burdett compares digital research and classic archival research on the issue of Gulf Solidarity and the establishment of the United Arab Emirates through a digital portal, instead of using old archive lists and codes to find material-related documents between 1968 and 1971 between British officials, liaison and leaders Exchanges show the advantages and disadvantages of each method.

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