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سعيد صديق: نور الشريف كان يتعلم منه الجميع.. ومحمد رمضان ممثل ممتاز جدًا

Saeed Siddiq: Nour Al-Sharif was learning from everyone..Mohamed Ramadan is an example

08:00 am

Monday 02 May 2022

Books – Abdel Fattah Al-Ajmi:

The artist Saeed Siddiq confirmed that the role he presented in the series “The Case of Public Opinion” with the artist Yousra, was not the main role that was agreed upon, noting that the producer, Mohamed Al-Adl, told him, “You have a great role, but people will hate you.” He is the lawyer, and he agreed. Indeed, but a week later he found running away from him, and when he went to them, he learned that the role would be presented by the artist Samir Sabry, and he got angry and replied, “Is Samir Sabry minus the roles?”

“Seddik” added during his dialogue to the program “Niss Al-Hadouta”, presented by the media, Sherine Suleiman, on CBC, that they then offered him the role of a prosecutor, and he agreed to make his role the popular hero and “hung with the people.”

The artist stressed that the late star Nour Al Sharif was learning from everyone just by observing him, because he is committed and directs everyone without domination or arrogance, noting at the same time that he cooperated with the artist Mohamed Ramadan in the series “Ibn Halal” and “Al Prince”, describing him as “ A very excellent actor.”

The artist revealed his beginnings in art, and said that he began to love acting from the preparatory period and deepened in high school, continuing: “I was in Saidia High School and the school superintendent was the artist Mohamed Ahmed Al-Masry, famous for Abu Lama’a, and he was very severe and dealt with the cabinet. I went to his office and asked to meet him, and I succeeded in that I was standing terrified in front of him and told him we want to act, regret and we want to make an acting team, and he called his office manager, and told him to make an announcement about the acting team and this student will be his leader.

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