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Safety and health at work can save lives.  What are you thinking and how do you reduce risk?

Safety and health at work can save lives. What are you thinking and how do you reduce risk?

Occupational safety and health protection are among the most important issues that small and large companies engage in, not only during the Coronavirus pandemic. When do you think about risk prevention in the context of World Health and Safety Day, which the world will remember on April 28th?

The International Labor Organization declared World Day for Safety and Health at Work in 2003 as a memorial to those who were injured and killed while at work. Often times behind the network there is an accident or interaction between circumstances. Therefore, one of the biggest challenges in the field of safety and health at work, in which the employer and the worker, is that each worker represents his own set of specific risks and needs to be prepared for them.

For 3M, a healthy employee is one of the key messengers. That’s why you try to come up with ideas that make employees safe and comfortable. “We work with leading universities and outside tech groups in an effort to support and develop a wide range of advanced technologies, which we can then turn into real products. The greatest driving force in our innovation is the ability to find, with the help of technology, the many dangers that daily workers are exposed to all over the world.3M Personal Protective Equipment Specialist Jan Bidlas, ”describes.

Noise protection

The European Union states that the risk of exposure to excessive noise is the same as the risk of aging from electricity, electricity, or inhalation of harmful substances. For this reason, the employer must, by name or estimate, determine the level of exposure to noise and, as a result, provide workers with appropriate protective equipment. 3M has been involved in its development since the 1950s, when the first pioneers of the ear canal were created with the PELTOR mule.

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Noise may vary from process to process, so it is important to choose the first level of protection, using, for example, the 3M-EA-Rfit-Dual-Ear Validation System technology. “The 3M ™ EA-Rfit ™ dual ear validation system has been properly tested to protect the test. This means immediate reactions and thanks to which employees can test the activity of their protective equipment for themselves.Dodf Jean Bidlass.

Means of respiratory protection

In 1972, 3M discovered the need for a simple and innovative method of protection that would help reduce workers’ contact with harmful airborne pollutants. With the gradual development, a completely new layer 1 filter half mask for wastewater protection (ventilator) was created, which started a completely new class of personal protective equipment. Nowadays, respirators are a popular standard – from half masks with a single filter to help filter nutrients to reusable masks that provide protection from hazardous gases and fumes.

Personal protective equipment must be tested first

It does not guarantee protection of hearing, eyesight, or respiratory systems until they have passed an appropriate seizure. The business owner is responsible for so-called fitness tests, and employees should always perform a leak test before entering a hazardous environment. “In the case of respiratory protective devices, it is necessary to test their suitability during race selection, when changing the model and as a result of the employee’s physiological changes. Especially qualitative, but precise and objective quantitative methods are used for tightness tests., “Uzavr Jan Bidlas ze 3M.

Suitability tests should not avoid protective loads. You must first have adequate field-of-view coverage and you must have wire on the surface, even during rapid head movements. Accordingly, it should cover a sufficient area in both the vertical and the horizontal direction. Because of the large gaps between goggles and both, and between goggles and sphincter bones, it often occurs as a result of injury. Therefore, the gaps should not be 6-8 mm across the entire perimeter.

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Danger in all depths

3M offers special assistance even to workers when working in harsh conditions, for example most. For builders and inspection and gossip technicians, there is a complete harness system that’s safe against the ground from height or depth. Moreover, he prepares practical courses for them. They help them reasonably evaluate and absolutely perform work to ensure safety and compliance, as well as learn practical steps to protect colleagues or write tips for working in confined spaces. “Working at all means a lot of risk every day and every second of work. Personnel safety not only depends on the correct use of equipment and additional preventive measures, but above all on practical knowledge and skills, thus the knee is an important component in protecting employees fromTo the colleague Damian Novak, who gained his experience in the years of working in everything and as just a special darkness of protection in all. Only in Europe can 3M have five specialized training centers, but the knees can be prepared according to the conditions of each company. All courses offered as part of 3M safety training are designed so that participants get the most out of their graduation.

Every profession requires a different type of protection

With its long-term specialization in employee safety and health, 3M is an indispensable partner for employees in a variety of industries. The large number of protective work equipment is determined by the industry in the industry – milling, sawing, varnishing, and the whole range of working occupations. But protect the nurses, firefighters and soldiers. “They are chrn ns, we chrnme themAccording to 3M’s motto, and thus realizes its vision of social responsibility.

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