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Salah Jahin’s family is angry after the song “Al Pianola” was used in an Egyptian series

Salah Jahin’s family is angry after the song “Al Pianola” was used in an Egyptian series

The family of the late Egyptian poet, Salah Jahin, expressed its anger at the exploitation of the songs he wrote in some works without referring to her and asking her permission, against the background of the performance of the song “The Pianola” within the events of the series “The Complete Number” presented by Sherif Salama and Dina El-Sherbiny, and its last episodes were shown. Yesterday Monday.

Samia, Salah Jahin’s daughter, wrote on her Facebook account: “Every once in a while, we, as Salah Jahin’s family, are surprised if his work is taken and exploited in advertisements and TV or cinematic works without our permission.”

And she added: “When an amateur band is as good as it is, for example, and they use it in a play or a lyrical show, of course we don’t talk, and if it is taste and decency that they at least communicate with us, they take our permission, but when there are companies such as Orange, Vodafone, or a large production company in Dubai for the product The Lebanese Jamal Sinan is like those who are working on a full-length series. They are supposed to do every legal need and respect intellectual property rights and the rights of public performance. They do not take advantage of Salah Jahin’s work, without permission or agreement!

The song “The Pianola” was presented in a show form, through the series “Kamel Al-Idd”, and the song was written by Jahin, composed and sung by the musician Sayed Makkawi.

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And some of the song’s lyrics say: “I’m dancing and my shoes are wearing shoes, because of the abundance of spinning around the loved ones, O Salamlam, if I fall in love with a lover, this is me dancing from the abundance of admiration, like this, like this, like this.”