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الصورة : صالح العامري خلال أحد التدريبات / من المصدر

Saleh Al-Amiri continues his training 5 months after the start of “Sirius 21”

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The tests and exercises carried out by Saleh Al-Amiri, pioneer of space simulation, are continuing, 5 months after the start of his 8-month mission and within the “Sirius 21” program in the ground experimental complex at the Institute of Medical and Biological Research at the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow, within an environment completely isolated from the world. exterior.

65 experience

Last March, Al-Amiri completed about 50% of the first Emirati mission to simulate space, where he conducted 65 experiments out of 70, as part of the international scientific research program at the unique ground station “Sirius 21”, while Al-Amiri is currently continuing to conduct experiments in order to compare them with those he accomplished. At the beginning of the mission, he communicates on a daily basis with his colleague in Abdullah Al Hammadi, in order to coordinate the missions.

Al-Amiri recently conducted an electroencephalogram (EEG) experiment, which aims to obtain a clear picture of the brain functions associated with isolation. Others include examining samples he collected with his mission mates during their simulated lunar landing experiment.

lunar landing

Al-Amiri’s experiments during the past months included simulating landing on the moon, reducing stress in isolation, and virtual reality experiences, which include launching a vehicle and securing its docking with the International Space Station, leading to experiments with flying over the moon and Mars. The 70 experiments that Al-Amiri is working on during the mission include 5 participants from four Emirati universities, researching in the fields of physiology, psychology and biology, such as research from the Mohammed bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences, which focuses on the effects of prolonged exposure to a simulated environment. Space on Cardiovascular Volatility and Cardiac Reactions, and research selected from the University of Sharjah, is a study to determine the effects of stress caused by confinement and isolation on the circulatory and musculoskeletal functions of crew members during the task of measuring clinical, genomic, transcriptional and proteomic indicators.

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Other selected topics for the mission include research presented by the American University of Sharjah on stress relief in isolation and confined environment, and another from the United Arab Emirates University on the psychological challenges of isolation during human spaceflight: the role of motivational mechanisms and intermittent and intense training as a countermeasure to prevent bone loss and insulin resistance. in the space environment.

The crew of the “Sirius 21” mission, which consists of a team of simulated astronauts from America and Russia, works in a sealed body simulating a spacecraft, with the aim of evaluating the impact of isolation on the psychological and physical state, mental and physical performance, as well as on the main physiological systems of the human body, and ensuring control of the health status. For people subject to testing, according to environmental standards and health conditions of isolation, while the objectives of the mission include creating an integrated database of scientific data obtained during the implementation of the project.

The rooms of the experimental complex consist of autonomous life support systems controlled by an executive system, forming a habitat that operates according to specified parameters, including the ventilation system, air conditioning, atmospheric purification, gas analysis and support for certain conditions of pressure, temperature, humidity and gas composition, as well as the water supply, And sanitation, electricity, electric lighting, video surveillance, and fire extinguishing systems, while some other features are available such as the provision of housing units of varying sizes, day-night cycles and innovative working conditions for research according to the requests of the test-takers. The complex contains unique facilities for conducting typical studies of space flights for different periods of more than 500 days, while it is considered a simulation platform with multifunctional experimental units, and it can accommodate a number of 3 to 10 people from the crew, while the experiment is controlled and all systems are monitored by the crew and standards Environmental, from the program’s Experiment Control Center.

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