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Saleh Al-Amri is conducting an electroencephalogram (EEG) experiment

Saleh Al-Amri is conducting an electroencephalogram (EEG) experiment

Amna Al Ketbi (Dubai)

Saleh Al-Amiri, a pioneer in space simulation, conducted the EEG experiment, as part of his mission at the station “Sirius 21”, which was 167 days old, and the experiment aims to obtain a clear picture of brain functions in the case of isolation, and the experiment also helps scientists to identify the interaction of the brain. and changes in cognitive function, when staying in isolated environments for a long time.
Saleh Al-Amiri continues his mission in the Ground Experimental Complex at the Institute of Medical and Biological Research at the Russian Academy of Sciences in the capital, Moscow. After completing the mission, he will be part of the ongoing studies and tests that help understand the requirements for planning and implementing long-duration space missions in the future.
Previous simulations showed that some crew members suffer from behavioral and cognitive mutations such as sleep disturbances, fatigue and even depression, but all of these conditions allow international space agencies and academics to better understand the extent to which the human body is affected psychologically and physically, which contributes to the success of future space exploration missions.
The space simulation mission is field tests conducted at a ground station whose environment is similar to that of outer space. Concerning the creation of a reference guide that contributes to the success of long-term space missions in the future.

Moon landing simulator
Al-Amri conducted an examination of the samples he collected with his colleagues, during a simulation experiment of landing on the surface of the moon. A simulation of walking missions on the surface of the moon, and a virtual reality experience, which is represented in launching a spacecraft and securing its docking with the International Station and the lunar orbital region and flying around the moon and Mars, as well as driving the vehicle towards the International Space Station, in addition to the “Lonokhod” experience, which is represented in leading an explorer on the surface of the moon Samples were collected and transported to the lunar base.

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