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Saleh Al-Maghamisi: A Saudi preacher raises controversy by calling for the establishment of a “new Islamic school of thought”

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Saudi Islamic preacher, Saleh Al Maghamsi, former imam and preacher of the Quba Mosque, the first mosque built in Islam.

Statements by the Saudi preacher, Saleh Al-Maghamisi, caught the attention of a segment of the pioneers of communication sites after he spoke about the necessity of establishing a new jurisprudence in the Islamic religion.

In an interview that sparked controversy on Saudi Channel One, Al-Maghamisi said: “He hopes that God will establish a new Islamic doctrine on his hands.”

He continued, saying, “Reviewing what has preceded is inevitable,” adding that “at every stage of the jurisprudential construction, something new dominates. Therefore, in this time, issues must be liberated.”

The preacher pointed out that the chain of narrators overshadowed the widespread hadiths, which harmed people, “so some hadiths entered, and it is difficult to attribute them to the Prophet.”