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Sales boom in the United States

Due to the epidemic, there was one sector that recorded a historic record in terms of net increase in sales and, above all, exports: it was Pasta that earned the title of best-selling product of the year. In 2020, they were carried out, according to Goldiretti, who analyzed the stat data Exports over 3.1 billion, With an increase of 16 percent.

The The United States is the world’s largest consumer of Italian pasta

The analysis also examines foreign countries where the consumption of Italian pasta has increased: the first of these The United States has become the world’s largest consumer of Italian pasta, Outside national borders, with an increase of 40%. Consumption of pasta increased in France (+ 4.3%) and Germany (+ 16%), as well as in Great Britain (+ 19%). As Aki points out, growth in other continents is associated with an increase of 39% in Australia, followed by Japan (+ 16%) and China (+ 23%).

Home-made pasta production is also on the rise

But not only abroad, Italy also likes pasta. According to Goldretty, the purchase value has increased by 10% by 2020, with a peak of 29% produced only with triangular wheat. That is our country With high pasta consumption At 23.5kg each against Tunisia’s 17kg, Venezuela (12kg), Greece (11kg), Chile (9.4kg), the United States (8.8kg), Argentina and Turkey (8.7kg) are in second place in this special rankings. Sales of flour and eggs increased by 38 and 14.5 per cent, respectively, which is a sign of interest in home-made pasta, which the Italians may have rediscovered due to the lockout. “The need to spend time at home due to being locked led to the return of home cooking – Goldiretti underlines – traditional culinary innovations starting with pasta”

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