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اخبار المرأة : سلمان خان يتألق في إكسبو 2020 دبي بحفل Da Bangg المذهل

Salman Khan shines at Expo 2020 Dubai with an amazing Da Bangg concert

The most important and latest women’s news today: Saturday, February 26, 2022
With the details of the news: Women’s news: Salman Khan shines at Expo 2020 Dubai with the amazing Da Bangg concert

Hawa: A magical Bollywood night and a huge turnout witnessed by the Expo 2020 Dubai yesterday in the presentation of the impressive musical show Da Bangg, which was presented by the star “Salman Khan”, in addition to a number of stars, including “Ayush Sharma”, “Sonakshi Sinha”, “Guru Randhawa” Pooja Hegdi, Disha Patani, Manish Paul and Sai Manjrekar.

Superstar Salman Khan resplendently entered a swing with a pillar of huge golden wings and played the Dabangg title track in the background, while thousands of fans cheered him on, due to the popularity of superstar “Salman Khan”, and he presented many of his most famous hit songs that He always makes sure to feature it in his films, including The Sultan. After his performance, Salman’s group – Sonakshi and all the others – appeared on stage to rally together as part of their final act. Earlier on Friday, Salman posted on Instagram the event, sharing a photo of himself with the Dubai skyline and the iconic Burj Khalifa in the background and writing: “I am looking forward to performing in Dubai again tonight on the revamped Da-Bangg Tour at Expo 2020. 9 p.m. at the DEC Arena.”

Salman Khan Khal

Arpita Khan, sister of Salman Khan and wife of Ayush Sharma, was with them on the Da Bangg tour and her children Ahil and Ayat, who shared a new video of Salman Khan playing with them during rehearsals on stage. In the video posted by JA Events production company, Salman can be seen playing Ahil and Ayat with a fun dance and encouraging the siblings to dance with him. A voice can also be heard from behind the camera urging the children to dance. The cute video impressed Salman’s fans, who commented with some praise for the star. One social media user described him as the best mama ever. Another wrote: “Very, very cute”, with many describing it as a hilarious uncle, while many other fans called the moment adorable and touching. This artistic tour comes after Da Bangg’s concert tour in the Riyadh season last December with a number of stars, most notably Shilpa Shetty.

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Salman Khan and his latest technical news

Salman Khan was last seen in Antim: The Final Truth with Aayush Sharma. He recently started filming the third season of Tiger 3 with Katrina Kaif.
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