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Samah Anwar criticizes the Egyptians and sends a message to Adel Imam


Egyptian actress Samah Anwar, in a letter to her compatriot, artist Adel Imam, expressed her great love for him.

Anwar said through her Facebook account: “I love you strong,” and attached it to the hashtags “The Leader, in Love with Adel Imam, the Oracle,” and the red heart emoticons.

We have become very brutal, no matter how much the president tries to elevate the country, we will not be able to do anything as long as there are people among us who do not want anything good to happen.

Samah Anwar – Egyptian actress

The Egyptian artist went out via a live broadcast on “Facebook”, noting that there is a large part of the Egyptian people who hate art and artists, and that some real estate owners reject the initiative of the Ministry of Culture to put a sign “He lived here” on the buildings in which the late great artists lived.

Samah Anwar revealed that the representatives of the Ministry of Culture, when they went to put the painting on the house of her father, the scriptwriter Anwar Abdullah, her mother, Souad Hussein, and the house of Shadia, the real estate owners refused, and threatened to destroy the signs if they were placed. And she indicated that she would file an official complaint because of this, stressing that the artists are in the hearts of their fans, no matter what.