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سماح أنور وسمير صبري

Samah Anwar visits Samir Sabry in the hospital… after years of quarrel | news

The artist, Samah Anwar, visited the artist Samir Sabry in the hospital, where he is receiving treatment, to check on his health.

Critic Tariq Al-Shennawi revealed the details of the visit, which ended a dispute that had lasted between them for years.

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And he wrote on his Facebook account: “After years of quarrels that sometimes occur between the best friends, Samah Anwar visited her good friend, the great artist Samir Sabry. Samir was sleeping and did not want to wake him, but he learned of her visit and his face rejoiced after the quarrel lasted several years.”

He continued, revealing the latest developments in Samir Sabry’s health condition: “Samir moved to another hospital, in implementation of the doctors’ decision to perform a cardiac catheterization after President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi issued a decision to treat him at the state’s expense.”

He continued: “Tomorrow, God willing, he will present in his program My Memory. The episode that he recorded with Laila Elwi in the hospital, and also includes messages to many of his friends. The program is broadcast at four o’clock on the waves of the official songs station.”

Samir Sabry had expressed his thanks and gratitude to President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, after he called him by phone to check on his health.



Samir Sabry said: “I thank the Egyptian state for moving for me, and thank God I felt that the artist, who spent 60 years of his life in the media and cinema, (his life was not wasted), and thanks to all the artists who visited me, whether I know them or not,” according to his telephone intervention on the program “The Story” presented by the media Amr Adib.

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Sabri suffers from a problem with the mitral valve in the heart, and as a result, he is undergoing surgery.

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