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Samer Al-Masry reveals the details of his role in the international movie "North of The 10"

Samer Al-Masry reveals the details of his role in the international movie “North of The 10”

star revealed Samer Al-Masryabout the details of his role in the awaited international movie North of The 10, stressing that he embodies the role of a rich Arab businessman, who lives in the US state of Los Angeles, but in the wake of the September 11 events he is forced to move and live in the UAE city of Abu Dhabi.

In a hadith narrated by the star Samer Al-Masry For the “The Insider in Arabic” program shown on Dubai TV, he said that he has a son in the movie, and that he lives a love story with an American actor who is still in his infancy in the movie, but he refuses to marry his daughter to this man who has nothing.

Samer Al-Masry revealed the participation of the star, Jumana Murad, in this film as his wife, noting that there are many beautiful and interesting stories contained in the film that link him with his heroes, thanking the artist Jumana Murad.

In response to a question from the program’s presenter, Elie Nakhle, about whether acting in English was a challenge to him and the star Joumana Murad, Samer Al-Masry said: On the contrary, it was much easier, even easier than speaking in English in normal times.

Samer Al-Masry expressed the ease of the matter, that it is related to the good preparation of the actor before entering the work atmosphere and implementing the scenes, in addition to the star memorizing the text, but in the end he agreed with the program’s announcer that expressions in Arabic are easier for the actor, because there is a language for cinema that differs from Ordinary spoken language, but preparation facilitates everything, he said.

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Samer Al-Masry had achieved great success with his Syrian film “Exodus”, accompanied by the star Kinda Alloush, after winning the Audience Award at the 79th Venice International Film Festival, which was held in Italy.

The film witnessed its world premiere at the Venice Festival within the Extension of Horizons competition. The work included a number of stars, led by Kinda Alloush, Samer Al-Masry, and others. The work was written and directed by Soudade Kaadan and was filmed in Turkey.

For his part, the artist Samer Al-Masry said, during an interview with the “The Insider in Arabic” program, that all the participants in the film made a very great effort to come out with this wonderful picture, pointing out that the artist Kinda Alloush during the filming of one of the scenes became deeply involved in it due to her influence on it, Which made her collapse and burst into tears, but everyone present tried to calm her down so that she could return quickly and continue filming her scenes.

He pointed out that the film was filmed in one of the Turkish cities and in locations that are very similar to the locations in Syria.

During his meeting, Samer Al-Masry saluted his wife, Nevin, who was keen to be with him at the Venice International Film Festival, noting that he always listens to his wife’s opinion because she is interested in artwork and is keen to watch and know everything about her.

He continued, “My wife has a passion for follow-up and analysis, and she loved my role in the movie Exodus, and she told me one of the 10 most important roles in your life.”

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The events of the film take place in Syria during the conflicts of the past years, where a missile destroys the roof of the house of the 14-year-old girl, Zina “Hala Zain”, after which she sleeps for the first time under the stars. Hala “Kinda Alloush” has to leave and enters into a conflict with her husband Moataz “Samer Al-Masry”, who refuses to become a refugee and prevents his family from leaving the house.

On the other hand, the artist Samer Al-Masry participates in the series “Stiletto”, and the work includes a group of stars of the Arab world, led by Qais Sheikh Najib, Karis Bashar, Dima Kandalaft, Rita Harb, Carlos Azar, Badi’ Abu Shakra and others.

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