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Samer Ismail's wife raises controversy by resembling Shakira... and is subjected to a bullying campaign |  Art news |  zad jordan news

Samer Ismail’s wife raises controversy by resembling Shakira… and is subjected to a bullying campaign | Art news | zad jordan news

zad jordan news –

Spread the artist Syrian Samer Ismail, a rare photo of him with his wife, a Syrian fashion designer of Serbian origin, Maya Al-Bakri, through his personal account on his “Instagram”.

Samer Ismail shared a series photo He gathered with his wife and fellow artists during his celebration of the end of filming the series “Kasr Adham”, but what sparked the controversy was the form of a wife the artist And her appearance, some even compared her to the Colombian singer Shakira.

Maya Bakri adopted a very ordinary look, as she chose Top black She styled it with black pants, while her curly blonde hair fell on either side of her shoulder, which is very similar to the hairstyle that Shakira adopts in her concerts and music videos.

Bakri was subjected to a wave of bullying and topped it sites communication The users were divided between cynics and defenders, and one of them wrote: “I mean, it is not bullying, but it is normal, and the picture is ugly, it is permissible without photo The sweetest and curly what Appropriate And doing something wrong that you feel it wants to undo, O God, the whole world is good and blessing, and my Lord is the most important thing, morals.”

And another added: “If he loves people, they do not enter, and by God, I hope we rise in thought, because the heart and what it loves.”

And one of them, a defender, wrote: “Ramadan and a virtuous night, and you are blaming God’s creation, and you have no right to evaluate its appearance or taste.” her husband Every one of you goes out to the banner and adorns her words before she speaks. God is a shame on you, and she is free, how does she do her hair and how she decorates, maybe she or she her husband They go in and see your comments that express your morals. You bully people, and you don’t want someone to bully you.”

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It is reported that Samer Ismail and Maya Bakri married suddenly in 2017, and had a son, “Roy”.