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Samir Sabry's health crisis ends his dispute with Samah Anwar

Samir Sabry’s health crisis ends his dispute with Samah Anwar

Difficult days experienced by the Egyptian artist Samir Sabry, who is facing a heart health crisis, as a result of which he undergoes a delicate surgery under the attention and attention of the Egyptian state.

Art critic Tariq El-Shennawy, friend of Samir Sabry, spoke to “” about the developments in the health conditions of the Egyptian artist, stressing that he was transferred to another hospital recently, after receiving a call from the official bodies of the Egyptian state, announcing that they would take care of his treatment and follow up on the matter.

Al-Shennawi explained that Samir Sabry’s morale is very high, but so far he has not performed micro-surgery in the heart, especially since there are medical procedures that must be performed before surgery.

Al-Shennawi revealed that Samir Sabry recorded for his program on the radio a new episode in which he spoke, which is reassuring and promising, and the medical news indicates that the heart muscle is strong, which is very promising.

In a pleasant surprise, Al-Shennawi confirmed that Samir Sabry received a visit from his old friend, artist Samah Anwar, who came to the hospital in order to check on him.

To end the unspoken dispute between the duo, as the Egyptian art critic confirmed that Samir Sabry and Samah Anwar had always appeared together for many years, but suddenly they no longer appeared with him, and Samir Sabry remained alone.

On all the occasions he invited his colleagues and friends to, Samah Anwar did not appear, which means that a disagreement and estrangement occurred between the two, which ended that visit.

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Al-Shennawi explained that Samah Anwar attended and Samir Sabry was sleeping at the time, so she did not want to wake him, but when he learned of her visit, he was very happy and affected by what happened.

Samir Sabry suffers from heart problems that require a delicate surgery, which happened as a result of receiving chemotherapy during his treatment for cancer, which affected the heart.