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Samsung and Olympus? Collaboration could close this year

Samsung has to work with the well-known Olympus brand on its mobile camera. It is unclear to what extent the collaboration should take place, but it should not be limited to marketers who support the Olympus logo.

This may not have an external effect, since OLympus withdrew from the photography field last year He sold it to the Japan Industrial Partners Fund. It will keep the Olympus wallet production and not even the logo will disappear.

Of course, Olympus has a lot of experience, and Samsung has a lot of experience. It is assumed that for five years, the top model of the Samsung S22 Ultra should get instead of the optical stabilization of the sensor itself (such use IPhone 12 Pro MaxThis is the first floor of Olympus, and its stability on ipu is considered one of the best in the market.

The information has been provided by the famous Ice Universe, but this time on its own Nskm Weibo port. On the basis of them are drawn Technizo For the Dutch entrance LettsGodigital Made shows of what the Samsung S22 Ultra might look like.

The top five-year model should also get a new sensor with a maximum resolution of 200 megapixels and physical space. Samsung was supposed to be developing it for a long time. So far, the maximum is 108 mega-pixel camera, which is the first year Samsung S21 Ultra And South Korean manufacturers for ipa with this decision Dudf i concorntm.

It is possible that Olympus will also be involved in the development of the same sensors or optical elements. Samsung is strong in the mobile photography sector, but at the DxO Mark website, many phones have used it, and Samsung decided that it needed a partner to develop it.

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It could be the first product of a collaboration between Samsung and Olympus this year Samsung Z Fold 3. He should have a first president in the order, especially at the end of August. It is not clear what form the cooperation should take in this situation.