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Samsung creates a foldable screen by twisting

Samsung announced a new innovation in foldable screens, after it revealed a screen that can be folded by rolling vertically, during its participation in the 2023 ISD Screens Exhibition.

The technical field, especially in smart phones, is witnessing a shift towards the production of devices with foldable screens, which have attracted great attention and are expected to be the near future for these devices. Samsung is also considered the pioneer in foldable phones and has launched several generations of Galaxy Z Flip and Fold phones over the years. Last.

During the Samsung segment, the company revealed a new model of foldable screens by twisting and not bending, as in the Galaxy Z Flip and Fold phones, as the new ones can roll and untie it vertically, such as scrolling.

Samsung reviewed the screen model – which it called Rollable Flex – with a length of 49 mm, but it can be disassembled by rolling vertically to extend to 254.4 mm, that is, approximately 5 times more, on an internal axis in the form of a cylinder or the letter O.

The company said that the screen can be used both in a deflated and unfolded state in devices such as; Tablet, laptop, or even a smartphone considering the different sizes.

Regarding the technical specifications, Samsung said that the Rolling Flex screen is of type OLED and is capable of displaying content at an image refresh rate of up to 120 Hz, and it also offers a lighting intensity of up to 1200 lumens.

Samsung did not touch on revealing plans to use the screen in smart devices – this is certainly logical given the discovery by the screen sector in the South Korean company – but it confirmed that the model is in the last stage of experiments and therefore its use in devices, whether from the company itself or another by supply. It doesn’t take long.

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It is worth noting here that Samsung is not the first company to reveal a foldable screen by wrapping, as it preceded LG by revealing a model with the same idea, and it was just around the corner from launching its first phone, but it retreated after it had already reviewed a model at the annual MWC exhibition. for phones in Barcelona in 2021.