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“Samsung Electronics” launches its virtual playground “Space Tycoon” on the “Roblox” platform

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The platform allows you to experience Samsung products in innovative ways to play in 14 different languages

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. has launched its “Space Tycoon” virtual playground, which was built inside the global “Roblox” metavirus platform, “Roblox”, which is a virtual space that allows users to create and play games, share their experiences using Samsung products with alien characters, and benefit from simulation-type design tips and functions. Business “Tycoon.” Samsung offers this service to target its customers from young people and teens, to provide a unique experience to enter the world of Metaverse, and also aims to enable this category of customers to try different Samsung products and interact with each other.

“Space Tycoon has been designed as a playground where customers can experience the limitless possibilities offered by virtual spaces,” said Jinsoo Kim, Executive Vice President of Samsung Electronics’ Enterprise Design Center. Through it, we wanted to give our young and teenage customers the opportunity to experience Samsung products in an unprecedented way, and we will continue to offer content that can provide more rewarding and entertaining digital experiences for our current and future customers.”

The virtual playground is located in the space station and research laboratory of Samsung, where the characters use the company’s latest products, and the playground consists of three specific play areas: an area to buy resources, a shop to buy game items, and a laboratory to manufacture products, and through the use of resources obtained from Virtual Playground Users can design a number of Samsung products, from smartphones to various TV and home devices, and can purchase or upgrade game items.

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Users can gain high creative skills by starting with realistic products, and give them the opportunity to turn them into in-game tools. For example, the Galaxy Z Flip foldable smartphone can turn into a suitcase or a scooter, a Jet Bot vacuum cleaner can turn into a skateboard to allow users to become more innovative, or a Siro TV can be turned into a foldable smartphone. Lifestyle” to a helicopter that can accommodate one person.

Currently, more than 20 Samsung products are available in the store, where the colors of the purchased items can be changed randomly according to the levels achieved, and new series of products will be updated regularly.

It is worth noting that the virtual stadium “Space Tycoon” was launched in 14 languages ​​simultaneously, including Korean, English, Chinese and Spanish. Other features that will allow users to interact with each other, share their creations, or attend exclusive virtual parties will be added in the future, and Samsung will organize online events through its website as part of the (#YouMake) campaign that focuses on coloring and collecting Samsung products.