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Samsung has a newly available smartphone. Infantry was much cheaper

Samsung offers the M Series as an affordable timer device. This is usually the case, they are cheaper than the A-Class models at the same time, equipment or mounts. These include related models in a different design and many different details.

The M12, as its name suggests, is a base model for the series, that is, at least in Europe, and elsewhere it offers cheaper models. The M12 costs only the highest low-end class, depending on the size of the memory it costs 4,690K and 5,190K.

The two and hence the length of the width The M11 was marked for infantry. Although it started on a similar scale as new, it actually lowered the price to 3,490 K.K and thus actually replaced the basic model of the series.

M11nen star mobile, it premiered in June last year. The extraordinarily fast process of bringing about change is unusual for Samsung, the German competition only in a year and three generations managed one. Actually take Samsung to catch the competition.

The interesting thing is the Samsung M12 Manufacturers smuggled in to arrest Nora on Vietnamese sites. The Asian specifications of the phone differed from the European ones. M in 6000 mAh battery, European variant for 5000 mAh device. In Asia, a variant with less memory will be sold, in the Czech market the M12 always has 4 GB of parameter and 64 or 128 GB of the user’s city. This also caused prices to differ.

Samsung M12 m TFT screen with 6.5 inch depth, HD + resolution, 90Hz refresh rate. The front camera is in the central location. The engine is taken care of by the Exynos 850 processor. We have changed the battery capacity, let’s add that it can be charged at a fast pace, in particular, 15W is available.

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Fotoapart m tyi snmae, but as usual it sp to make it look like time. In practice, only two can be used, mainly 48 mega-pixel, irokohl only 5 mega-pixel. The other two are the 2MP snmae for depth of field and the macro. Please note that the current fingerprint is on the side and the system connector is USB-C, and NFC is not missing in the European specifications.

The previous M11 model has a weak focus, changes memory, the screen has most of the same parameters, but only has a standard refresh rate. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 processor is also weak, and it could be an interesting option for some, as the price difference is currently more than 1,100 kroner in favor of the old model.