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Samsung has changed Tizen to Wear OS. What does this mean for current and future watches?

Google decided to upgrade its default watch platform to Wear OS (now shortened to Wear). To a new level. Not only did he promise drastic improvements in some hot spots, but it also gained a solid partner in the form of Samsung, which will popularize this system on its future watches. What will be the impact on the current Samsung watches?

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Will current models stay on Tizen?

The change to the OS will only affect future watches, and the current clocks will continue to run on Tizen OS and gradually end support. Samsung has promised this for at least three years, that is. Which – which:

  • Galaxy Watch will be supported for 3 more months at least
  • Galaxy Watch Active will be supported for another 10 months
  • Galaxy Watch Active 2 included support for another 16 months
  • Galaxy Watch 3 will be supported for another 27 months

However, this watch is likely to be more serviced and all major changes will only happen on the Wear platform.

The rotating bezel on Wear will not be lost, and Samsung Health will be lost

And what will Wear look like on a Samsung watch? The Korean giant promises to bring all major features to the new platform, including the ability to control the watch with a rotating bezel, use data from advanced sensors or use energy-saving displays to extend battery life.

Google Music

Instead, you’ll have to regret Samsung Health, which doesn’t look at Wear. However, Samsung will allow all data to be transferred to the new system, possibly Google Fit. This platform will also be used on future Fitbit watches, which will also migrate to Wear.

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What about other applications?

Of course, we will not find a store from Samsung on the future Galaxy Watch, which will replace the Play Store on the Wear platform. However, it promises a greater number of applications that will be able to be used by all owners of watches of any brand.

New apps will include YouTube Music, which will arrive later this year. Among the features of Google’s promises, for example, is Smart Downloads, thanks to which subscribers will be able to enjoy their music on the go. Maps or Google Pay will also be redesigned.

The new Wear watch will also be available on the watches of other brands

Of course, the innovative Wear platform will not only be exclusive to Samsung and Fitbit, but we will also find it in future watches of other brands, such as Mobvoi or Fossil. Google will allow each manufacturer a certain amount of customization, so we will be able to tackle different fee extensions on the watch as well.

When the receipt of the new version of the existing Wear watch remains uncertain, Google will announce a “schedule” with updates only when the new version is available.

The update will be managed by everyone

Wear platform update system will work just like Android on smartphones; Every manufacturer will follow the same update policy. The Korean manufacturer, not Google, will be responsible for a Wear update on the Samsung watch. For some manufacturers, you will have to wait longer for updates compared to others.