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Samsung Isocell JN1 is an image sensor with the world's smallest pixels -

Samsung Isocell JN1 is an image sensor with the world’s smallest pixels –

In September, there will be two years since the launch of the sensor Isocil Slim GH1, the first with 0.7 µm pixels. Now Samsung is pushing the bar even higher. Or actually less. korean society inserted The first sensor, whose photosensitive cells have only 0.64 micrometers on the sides.

Isocell JN1 is a 1/2.76-inch chip with 50MP resolution and Tetrapixel color lattice, thanks to which 12.5MP images can be captured with 1.28µm effective pixels in low light. There’s also Smart-ISO, or HDR for chipset devices that also have phase detectors for faster focus and are capable of recording 4K video at 60fps or Full HD at 240fps.

In the second generation of technology, Samsung was able to isolate individual cells better, thus eliminating crosstalk (voltage leakage between adjacent pixels). Even with a smaller size, the sensor absorbs enough light instead of noise. And because the sensor is smaller, the lens can be even smaller. According to the Koreans, the whole unit with JN1 will be 10% less, so it will not stand out much from mobile phones. Samsung wants to mount it in the front or back with a TV or Ultra Wide lens.

What after 0.64 µm?

However, as Samsung once again tames physics, smaller pixels can be used with other sensors. Although he has given up on the hunt for the 600MP dream camera, with smaller cells he can come close to that goal.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra uses a 108MP Isocell HM3 chip (uses 0.8µm dot) in about 1/1.33″ format. If it wants to stay at 108MP, with a 0.64µm dot, the potential sensor will be 56% smaller and roughly compatible with the 1/1.7 format inch. Or, with the same size of 1/1.33″ and a point of 0.64 µm, it can reach about 169 mega pixels.

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