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Samsung LK to the future. Show dual slider smartphone

In the case of foldable smartphones, the South Korean company Samsung is only one step away from introducing its development. At least, this is indicated by a video clip, in which the section’s screens show a new generation of OLED technologies, which, according to their results, will be in the near future. Perhaps the most interesting is the S-Foldable technology, that is, the OLED screen, which can be moved not only inward, but also outside.

And it’s not just a matter of the so-called Pape, the company in the clip shows a true prototype of a dual-bill smartphone. Yanko Design created an impressive concept for such a device, as Samsung said in a patent last July, based on this (see This folder will be the name of the entire series. Ukrv I surprised anyone). And even Samsung’s two-hinged prototype isn’t exactly traditional.

Despite the fact that each of these phones will carry the aunt of the entire display area, the company was surprised by a different concept. The screen is fully covered, only medium. On the edge of the left side of the phone, there will likely be a metal PS with an optical unit and the right side of the screen only covers half.

The second part will likely be a metal frame, followed by a transparent ps. It is not just a design element, it allows the user to check basic status information on a complex phone screen.

In the maximum stack layout according to the screens of the Samsung department, the screen will offer the maximum depth of 7.2 inches. That’s about three-tenths of an inch less than in the case of the interior screen of the Z Fold 2 5G model, but on the contrary, at least Samsung’s double inferno in the folded case doesn’t look like a noodles. The dimensions of its floor plan will likely be no different from that of a regular smartphone.

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No less interesting is the prototype model with a sliding screen. The convenience of this unit lies in the preservation of the dimensions of the smartphone, which, thanks to the horizontal insert, will provide the user with the convenience of viewing it if necessary. It is clear from the video that in both cases there will be no support for multitasking, thanks to the user the user will be able to do something else in every part of the screen.

If Samsung’s display department tells us that a new generation OLED screen can be met soon, it will likely take some time to last. However, sources familiar with the development reported in April that Samsung’s dual storage should be achieved by the end of this year (for more information, see Samsung will revolutionize the smartphone folder. Nobody likes that).