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Samsung's new monster.. Leaks reveal the specifications of the Galaxy S23 Ultra Super

Samsung’s new monster.. Leaks reveal the specifications of the Galaxy S23 Ultra Super

Sources from within the South Korean company, “Samsung”, revealed more detailed information about the cameras that the company intends to equip its upcoming phones, “Galaxy S23” and “Galaxy S23 Plus”.

Sources from within the company told the specialized technical website “GSM Arena” that Samsung intends to use the same telephoto cameras that it used in the previous version of the “S22” phones, after they proved their great success.

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The source said that Samsung adopted in its upcoming phones, “Galaxy S23” and “Galaxy S23 Plus”, a 10-megapixel telescopic camera, along with the rest of the other rear cameras; But it will be supported by more powerful and capable sensors, without the sources explaining the nature of the work of these sensors.

It appears from the sources’ statements that the biggest upgrades regarding the “telescopic” camera will be in the “Galaxy S23 Ultra” version.

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The sources pointed out that Samsung is also preparing for a major change with regard to the front camera “selfie”; It prepares a completely different technology to take more quality and accurate selfies.

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