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Sarah Sabry, the first Egyptian astronaut

Sarah Sabry, the first Egyptian astronaut

Hanim Daoud – Egypt – for “Women’s News Agency”

Sarah Sabri, a certified open water divers, spent six weeks in Madagascar as a marine conservationist.
Sarah Sabry spent some of her time practicing mixed martial arts, and Sarah worked as a yoga instructor, and a crossfit coach as well.
Sarah Sabri: In 2016 she traveled all over Africa to volunteer in different schools, organizations, and the Women’s Empowerment Center in Uganda.
She is Executive Vice President of Technology at a Berlin-based technology startup working on augmented reality mobile applications.
After studying mechanical engineering and biomedical engineering in (Italy,) followed by a course in aerospace engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT),
Adviser to the Egyptian Space Agency, and one of the founders of the agency’s Space Ambassadors Program.
Sarah decided to found and serve as CEO of the Deep Space Initiative, a non-profit company that aims to increase access and research opportunities in space.
Sarah Sabry became the first Egyptian astronaut, and the whole world celebrated her success.
Sarah Sabry is helping the Egyptian Space Agency design and build the first analog research station in Africa.
It brings Egypt closer to participating in the space race and provides Egyptian pilots, especially women, with a platform to expand their knowledge and gives them the opportunity to present their unique perspectives and research, prior to their work in the space field.

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