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Sarah Salama resolves the controversy over her plastic surgery (video)

Sarah Salama resolves the controversy over her plastic surgery (video)

After much gossip, actress Sarah Salama decided to resolve the controversy over the fact that she underwent a plastic surgery, following the publication of a picture of her during the past days on social networking sites, during which she appeared with completely different features from what the public is accustomed to.

During a television interview, Sarah Salama said that the photo she published did not undergo plastic surgery, pointing out that the talk and controversy about her undergoing plastic surgery are just rumors and this matter did not cause her any reaction.

Sarah Salama continued, “The picture I published does not contain any cosmetic or show that my look is different, and I do not know the reason and secret of this attack on me, in addition to that I am not at all shocked, and I am one of the first to appear as an artist. There are words and rumors emerging from the first time I appeared. For the second time, I want to know the reason for this attack?”

Sarah Salama confirmed that she was not afraid to reveal that she had undergone a plastic surgery in the event of this happening, follow-up: “If I had a plastic surgery, I would appear and say and I would not be afraid of anything.. If anything bothers me in my appearance and I want to change it, I will do, because I am an honest person and there is nothing I have to fear her.”

She pointed out that she did not want to stir up controversy, and that her appearance as a result of a filter on the Instagram application caused her to completely change her appearance.

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Sarah Salama explained in the end: “My father advised me at first not to enter the field of acting, then I was limited to the type of roles of evil and temptation, and this I rejected a lot and I do not like that limitation, but my goal is to be different .. I can do exciting roles two or three times, but all my roles This caused me to turn down many jobs.”

It is worth noting that after the uproar that occurred about plastic surgeries, Sarah Salama decided to silence all mouths in her own way at a later time, and published a picture of her in which she commented: “The first plastic surgery I did was to beautify oneself and oneself…God heal every sick soul.”

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