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Satellite images… A huge military object inside a Chinese base

The pictures were taken months before the Chinese spy balloon flew over America

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New satellite images show a large balloon apparently being developed by the Chinese military at a military base in northwest China, according to CNN, and the images were taken months before a Chinese spy balloon flew over the United States.

The satellite images, which were obtained by the American network in November 2022, were taken by the American satellite imaging company, Black Sky. It shows a 100-foot-tall balloon hovering over a runway about one kilometer long.

Space experts said photos of the base in the Chinese desert showed infrastructure for launching balloons and a large hangar.

The report comes after a Chinese spy balloon flew over the United States earlier this year and was eventually shot down off the coast of South Carolina, causing a national security emergency.

Lawmakers quickly questioned the reaction of US President Joe Biden’s administration to the balloon. The event caused a number of other UFOs to be shot down over US and Canadian airspace over a period of several weeks.

The Chinese balloon, which traveled over the US mainland, was able to collect information on sensitive US military sites, according to US media, despite efforts by government officials to prevent such a scenario from occurring.

The US government was able to recover parts of the balloon wreckage that was dropped off the east coast of the United States, confirming preliminary results that it is a Chinese spy balloon.

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Defense officials also said the balloon was part of a larger surveillance program run by Beijing, including other balloons that have flown over the United States, Central America and South America in the past.