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Saudi Arabia.. 14 suspects arrested, including a dangerous fraud

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On Tuesday, Public Security in Saudi Arabia announced the arrest of 14 suspects (including two citizens and two residents).

A citizen was arrested who carried out financial fraud in cooperation with another outside the Kingdom of Jordanian nationality by deceiving his victims of fake investments and obtaining 950,000 riyals from them, according to the urgent newspaper.

The list of those arrested included five citizens who had committed cases of robbery of chalets and private rest houses, destroying their contents and stealing electrical appliances from them.

The accused tried to mislead the security authorities by using a stolen vehicle plate to carry out their accidents and to seize narcotics in their possession

Two citizens who impersonated an incorrect identity, assaulted a person and stole what they had were arrested, and an Ethiopian citizen who transferred 10 violations of the border security system

The list of defendants included residents of Sudanese nationality and a citizen who stole electrical cables and building materials from sites under construction, robbed shops and stole electrical appliances from them.

A citizen who appeared in a video clip was arrested while driving a food transport vehicle after it was stolen from a running gas station and rammed 3 vehicles on the Riyadh Expressway in Al-Jala Center, and a citizen shot another, killing him and burning his vehicle.


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