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Saudi Arabia beats Vietnam with an exciting three in the World Cup qualifiers

Saudi Arabia beats Vietnam with an exciting three in the World Cup qualifiers

Saudi 360 – The Saudi national team achieved an exciting victory over Vietnam, by three goals to one, in the match that brought the two teams together, on Thursday evening.

and met Saudi team With his Vietnamese counterpart, this evening, in the first round of the final Asian qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Saudi Arabia vs Vietnam match result

and exists Saudi national team Among the teams of the second group of the final stage of the World Cup qualifiers, accompanied by teams; Vietnam, Oman, Australia, Japan, China.

Vietnam advanced with an early goal through Nguyen Quang Hai with a powerful shot, during the 3rd minute of the first half.

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Near Saudi national team A painful blow, with Abdullah Atif, the midfielder, injured, to leave the field and Mohammed Kno participates in his place at the 18th minute.

Fahd Al-Muwallad missed the opportunity of a goal for Saudi Arabia during the “27th” minute, after he was alone in the goal and evaded the goalkeeper, but the defense removed the ball before Al-Muwallad shot it into the empty goal.

Chances persisted Saudi Arabia Lost against Vietnam, until the first half of the match ended with Al-Akhdar’s delay at home with a clean goal.

is back Saudi national team In the score again, with the first goal scored by Salem Al-Dosari from a penalty kick at the 54th minute, to re-match the match again to the equaliser point.

The second goal of the Saudi Green came through Yasser Al-Shahrani from a header after a cross he received from right-back Sultan Al-Ghanam in the 67th minute.

Saleh Al-Shehri added the third goal for Al-Akhdar Saudi Arabia during the “79th” minute, from a penalty kick awarded by the match referee after the Vietnamese defense committed a clear mistake on Salem Al-Dosari.

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The Saudi team almost scored the fourth goal, but the Vietnamese goalkeeper saved the dangerous balls that came on his goal, ending the match 3-1.

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