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Saudi Arabia begins applying sanctions on propaganda messages at this time

Saudi Arabia begins applying sanctions on propaganda messages at this time

will turn Advertising companies contacts And privacy intruders in Saudi Arabia lead to acts punishable by law, after the issuance of the Personal Data Protection Law and its entry into force after 180 days.

The law considers publishing or copying information and phone numbers of others and any information about them related to their origins, or photocopying or copying official documents that identify the owner of personal data, as a criminal offense unless the regulations provide for exceptions.

Lawyers agreed that the personal data protection system is a safety valve for the individual, family and society and puts an end to racist abuses and any impersonation, fraud, fraud, forgery, extortion or harassment, according to Okaz newspaper.

Lawyer Kholoud Majid Al-Ahmadi said that personal data is every statement, regardless of its source or form, that leads to a specific identification, or makes it possible to identify it directly or indirectly, including name, personal identification number, addresses, and contact numbers, license numbers, records, personal property, bank and credit card account numbers, still or moving photographs of an individual, and other data of a personal nature as well as sensitive data indicating an individual’s ethnic or tribal origin, religious or intellectual belief, or membership in NGOs or NGOs, as well as criminal and security data, bio-identifying data, genetic data, credit data, health data, location data, and data that indicates that an individual is unknown to one or both parents. In addition to this, publishing any genetic, health and credit data, and the system criminalizes publishing or broadcasting any of these personal data through a written, audio or visual means of publication, or making it available, and the violators are referred to the prosecution and then to the court.

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